Member  Testimonial

“To say [our event] was a success for us would be a massive understatement. We couldn’t have been happier with the planning, the education, and the follow through. REMSA is truly helping grow our business, and the railway maintenance industry at large.”

Phillip Carl 
Vice President
Warwood Tool Company

“We recently held a REMSA grassroots event at our facility. It was an outstanding success involving our local congressman, existing and prospective customers and important members of our community. Without a doubt this type of event helps everyone that is involved. I highly recommend working together with REMSA in this manner to help your business and our industry grow – Call them today and set it up!”

Eric Schook
HiRAIL Corporation


“I have been very pleased with all my interactions with the REMSA people. They have been extremely helpful over the years. They are always very attentive and quick to respond with information or a helpful tip to aid me. Special recognition to Ursula Soucie and Dave Tennant for their professionalism in all they do and their contact with me.”

Wayne O'Shell 
Sales Manager
ARVA Industries, Inc. 


"REMSA arranged a visit with Congressman Ron Kind and led dialogue on issues most relevant to our industry, helping ensure that the Congressman left our facility understanding our business and the challenges we face. Stella-Jones gained exposure and we were able to speak face-to-face with our local representative on issues that matter most. Thank you REMSA for this valuable opportunity."
Liz Russel
Plant Manager
Stella Jones Corporation 

  "I have worked with the REMSA team multiple times to engage the industry and legislators about railway initiatives. Each event has been productive and well-coordinated by REMSA staff. Jacob Carter has been particularly helpful in making each event a success. REMSA continues to be a great resource and I am always excited to work with this group."

Kellen Desmond
A&K Railroad Materials