Benefits of Membership in the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association 
Discounted Booth Rate at Exhibitions and Conferences  
REMSA produces Railway Interchange, the largest exhibition of maintenance-of-way equipment, products, and services in North America.  Exhibitions are perfectly geared to both large and small companies. Members exhibit rail and track products, track maintenance equipment and services, safety devices, and software that enable the railroad industry to work smarter and safer.  Exhibitions are held in a large convention center, and every second year, exhibits are also held at an outdoor location where several thousand linear feet of on- and off-track areas are used for displays. 

REMSA exhibitions are held in conjunction with the annual conference of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association, whose members are engineers involved in railway and transit engineering and related disciplines. The exhibition and conference are held at the same time and in the same place. 

REMSA members are given first access to registering for booths to exhibit at these conferences, and a member discount. 
REMSA members have access to information through a variety of communications:

The REMSA Member Directory and Buyer's Guide is a compilation of REMSA member companies and includes complete contact information, company descpriton and website, as well as the products and services each member provides.
Mainline, REMSA's newsletter, professionally written and published monthly, is targeted to the railway supplier. Mainline includes interviews with industry leaders, articles on foreign and domestic opportunities, legislation and lobbying efforts, company profiles, as well as exhibition and meeting news. 
Social Media, REMSA features its members on a suite of social channels, including our REMSA Member of the Month program, and company content, products and services.  

REMSA offers scholarships to member company employees and their families. The association offers two President's Scholarships at $7,000 each, and an additional five scholarships are offered at $2,000 each. REMSA also offers a $10,000 Continuing Education Scholarship to members pursuing graduate-level education. A $1,000 REMSA scholarship is also awareded by AREMA on behalf of REMSA each year. 
Career Network
REMSA has an interactive job board, Career Network. The Career Network offers REMSA members and their employees easy-to-use and highly targeted resources for online employment connections. Members can use the Career Network to reach a talented and qualified pool of candidates. Employers can post jobs online, search for qualified candidates based on specific job criteria and create an online resume agent to email qualified candidates. 
Political Action
REMSA is politically active on behalf of its members and the railroad industry. The association monitors federal legislation and involves its membership when legislators need to hear our voices. Association representatives meet with lawmakers in Washington, DC, and at the state level. In addition, REMSA makes contributions to industry advocacy groups that support REMSA members’ goals. The future of REMSA members is tied to the railroad industry. If the railroad industry is healthy, REMSA members will benefit. Therefore, REMSA supports the railroad industry in ways to help ensure that it thrives and grows. 

REMSA offers several virtual trainings to its members, including: social media and career trainings, government affairs updates, general business information and best practices, and more. 

REMSA offers an exclusive member-rate to advertise with us. Learn more here.
Inter-Association Collaboration
REMSA has good relations with all major professional and trade associations in the railway supply and railroad industries, and we cooperate in areas where railroad emphasis is required. REMSA is ready to offer support and assistance in any railroad-related issue. 
REMSA sponsors events at meetings of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA), the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC), and other railroad- and rail supply-related groups. These events provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to talk about business, form new relationships and close important business deals.