REMSA Member Encore Rail Systems Hosts Governor John Hickenlooper

BROOMFIELD, CO - Yesterday, Governor John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) joined the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) and its member Encore Rail Systems to tour their headquarters in Broomfield, CO. Governor Hickenlooper spoke with company leaders, employees, and rail industry representatives about transportation infrastructure, the short line tax credit, and economic initiatives to create jobs in Colorado.  REMSA coordinated the event.

Governor John Hickenlooper with Greg Spilker, 
Encore Rail Systems Vice President and General Manager 

Hickenlooper is a national figure who served as Governor of Colorado for eight years from 2011 to 2019, and as mayor of Denver from 2003 to 2011. He was a previous chairman of the National Governors Association and oversaw wide bipartisan support during his time in public office. Before his life in public service, Governor Hickenlooper was a successful small business owner who opened one of the first brewpubs in the United States. In August, he announced his campaign to run for the United States Senate in 2020.
"Thanks to Encore Rail Systems for the warm welcome and informative tour today," said Governor John Hickenlooper. "I always enjoy seeing innovative Colorado businesses first-hand and hearing directly about the issues that matter to them. Investing in and modernizing our infrastructure nationwide is absolutely essential to our ability to compete in the 21st century economy and combat climate change, and I appreciated hearing their perspective on how we can tackle those challenges." 

Governor John Hickenlooper with employees at the Encore Rail Systems

"Encore Rail Systems was honored to host Governor Hickenlooper and his staff at our headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado," said Encore Vice President and General Manager Greg Spilker. "We are proud to showcase our products and services, our new facility and the great employees we have. Encore and rail suppliers play a major role supporting the nation's economy, and we are excited to tell that story.  Encore provides good jobs and spends a significant amount of money locally in support of our business."

Governor John Hickenlooper speaks to employees at Encore Rail Systems

Encore Rail Systems has been in the railroad crosstie remediation industry for over twenty years and is solely dedicated to crosstie protection and maintenance. Encore provides the railroad industry with both tie plugging compounds and equipment for spike hole plugging. Encore has become known for their high-quality performing equipment, plugging compounds and service in the rail industry. Their signature EnduraPlug tie plugging compound is used by Class 1 railroads short lines, transit rail, and contractors across North America.

Governor John Hickenlooper greets employees at Encore Rail Systems

In Colorado, rail suppliers employ more than 2,300 people, while 13 freight railroads operate and maintain over 2,800 miles of track that employ nearly 2,350 people.