2022 Continuing Education Scholarship Program

REMSA Continuing Education Scholarship Program Overview

The Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) is pleased to announce the availability of one continuing education scholarship for tuition assistance.  This year REMSA is offering one (1) Continuing Education Scholarship up to $10,000.  The purpose of this scholarship is to positively impact the future of the rail construction and maintenance industry by supporting REMSA member employees' education. REMSA is seeking scholarship applications from employees who are pursuing additional education that would allow them to work successfully and grow within the rail construction and maintenance industry.  

To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must: 

  • be a full-time employee of a REMSA member company. An employee who is the scholarship applicant is required to be a full-time employee.  Part-time employees and interns are not eligible;
  • provide proof of enrollment in a college or university or a vocational or technical institution continuing education program at the time the funds are disbursed.

Previous winners of REMSA scholarships are eligible to be considered for renewal of their scholarship assistance one time. The scholarship can be awarded to the same recipient no more than twice. 

Application Process:
To apply for this scholarship, all materials listed below must be sent to the REMSA Scholarship Committee:
1. A completed Application for Continuing Education Scholarship Program, including a personal narrative requested the application. All applications must be submitted electronically.
2. A letter written on official REMSA member company stationery confirming REMSA sponsorship and stating employment status.
3. An official transcript, if applicable, from all schools attended, each college attended indicating all college-level work completed.
4. A letter of recommendation from an industry mentor. Emails must come directly from reference, and sent to Heidi Baker, baker@remsa.org.
5. A professional resume detailing work history and experience.

All materials must be submitted by Friday, October 28, 2022. It is recommended that applicants contact the REMSA office at baker@remsa.org prior to the deadline to inquire about the status of their applications regarding receipt of the materials required for consideration.  If any materials are missing, the application will be considered incomplete.

Evaluation and Notification:
An Awards Committee appointed by the REMSA Board of Directors will base its evaluation for awards on the materials submitted. All applicants will be informed of awards in December.