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Ms. Jenya Norman

A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.
Executive Assistant, Marketing
1505 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone: 801-977-6311
Fax: 801-453-8812

Directory category(s):Anchors, Bolts, bridge, machines, switch, track, Continuous welded rail, Crossties, Derail devices, Fasteners, Frog and switch, new and repair, Gauge plate, insulated rods, rods, track, Guard Rails, Insulated rail joints, replacement kits, Joint bars, Panelizing, Rail, new, relay, Rail clips, applicator, Spikes, equipment, fillers, plugging, Steel ties, Switch machines, guards, heaters, material, point protectors, stands, targets, Tie plates, Tools and accessories, Turnouts