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Mr. Dave Barry

Lewis Bolt & Nut Company
Vice President - Sales
700 Twelve Oak Center Drive, Suite 711
Wayzata, MN 55391

Phone: 800-328-3480
Fax: 952-449-9607

North America's Leading Manufacturer of Rail Fasteners since 1927. For track, Lewis produces a full line of frog, track and switch bolts. In addition LBN manufactures screw spikes, included the top selling Evergrip(R) and Permagrip(R) Spikes along with the new LT-1 Drive On Rail Anchor in 5-1/2 and 6" sizes. For structures Lewis Produces the Sealtite Standard Hook Bolt, and also the new innovative "Quick-Set(R)" Hook Bolts system. Along with that LBN produces, Bridge Bolts, Drift Pins, Timber Bolts just to name a few. Finally for Grade Crossings LBN makes the popular Recessed Head Timber Screws along with various types of drive spikes.

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