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Luke Fellows

Park Construction Company
National Director of Business Development
1481 81st Avenue NE
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

Phone: 7632584485

Four generations of family-owned leadership have built upon a strong heritage. For more than a century, we've served as a trusted contractor for commercial, municipal, industrial, railroad and federal agencies throughout the Upper Midwest and across the United States. Since 1916, Park Construction has earned the trust of our clients and the community. Park Construction provides a wide range of construction services including heavy earth moving, structural work, demolition and paving. Park Construction’s commitment to safety is built into the company’s processes, and is practiced and reinforced throughout the organization. We actively prioritize safety on a system-wide, day-to-day basis. This comes from careful planning, constant training, and a dedication stemming from strong leadership—enforced through the organization and with subcontractors. Contact us TODAY to make all your construction Dreams come true!

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