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Mrs. Morgan Dutton

Marketing Coordinator
13900 Humble Raod
Tomball, TX 77375

Phone: 281-351-7800 x137
Fax: 281-290-6202

URETEK is the industry leader in rehabilitating roadways, runways and bridges using advanced soil stabilization and pavement lifting technology characterized by superior chemistry, innovative technique and extensive experience. Concrete or asphalt, roadways to runways, pavement will take a pounding. Over time, this pounding will lead to settled pavement, faulted joints, failed bride approaches, asphalt rutting & cracking, and failed overlays. We get failed roadway back to its intended grade and appearance by attacking and removing the underlying problem itself (which will almost always be water) versus just putting on a temporary band-aid. We keep customers from having to go with inefficient slab-jacking, ineffective overlays, and/or expensive rip-and-replace solutions. Our success comes from building a long-lasting, structurally sound pavement system foundation by truly improving and rehabilitating the load bearing capacity of the underlying soils. We do this through technology

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