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Elis Tredesini

Rua Fritz Lorenz, 2442
Distrito Industrial
Timbo, Santa Catarina 11

Phone: 47 32812240
Fax: 47 32812223

The domestic market, constantly growing, is attended by the headquarters, located in Santa Catarina, and through Pernambuco and Sao Paulo Branches, which work like a distribution centers. Beyond that, the company has representation offices all over the country. METISA is present in the foreign market in more than 40 countries, in the 5 continents, being the sales made either directly from its headquarters or through its agents. You can find the power of METISA's product in the field, in the cities, on the roads, on the railways and in construction. A company that is next to you and everywhere, always offering its most productive strength. Quality METISA Using its own laboratory, METISA guarantees the international quality pattern. It has equipments to make analysis (physic and chemic) applying the most different tests that checks that mechanical properties of its products in all phases of the fabrication process. Guarantying t

Directory category(s):Hand tools, electric, gas, hydraulic, Railroad accessories