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G&G Plant Protection Ltd.

András Gaál

Torockói u. 3/B.
Szeged, Csongrád H-6726

Phone: +3662405215
Fax: +3662405327

G&G Plant Protection Ltd.'s main profile is chemical weed control on railway track with self made spraying equipment. The spraying trains, spraying Hi-Rail vehicles and spraying containers are supplied with and advanced, computer controlled spraying equipment and with a Weed Recognition System developed by G&G Ltd. Due to the precise technology G&G's spraying equipment apply chemicals only where weed spots were detected by the camera belonging to the system. This renders G&G's spraying technology very economic and environment friendly. Railway weed control technological developments: ° Weed Recognition System °Construction of Weed control train/container/superstructure for Hi-Rail trucks Products: ° Spraying train ° Spraying Hi-Rail vehicles ° Spraying container (technology is built into 20' and 40' standard containers)

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