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Western-Cullen-Hayes, Inc.

Ronald McDaniel

2700 West 36th Place
Chicago, IL 60632-1682
United States

Phone: 773-254-9600
Fax: 773-254-1110

Railroad safety appliances, sliding, hinged or portable derails, manual, AC power or solar derail operators, rigid or cushioned bumping posts, wheel stops, blue flags, power switch-point machines, derail control systems, maintenance- of-way tools and accessories, switch point guards, rail tongs, rail benders, bonding drill, rerailers, railroad crossing signals, incandescent and LED flashing light signals, gate mechanisms, fiberglass, aluminum and fiberglass or wood replacement gate arms, electro-mechanical or electronic bells, industrial crossing signal control systems.

Directory category(s):Blue flags, Bumping posts, Crossing protection, Crossing signals and equipment, Derail devices, Guard Rails, Power switch machines, Rail tongs, Switch machines, guards, heaters, material, point protectors, stands, targets, Wheel chocks and stops