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Plasser American Corporation

Thomas Blechinger

2001 Myers Road
P.O. Box 5464
Chesapeake, VA 23324
United States

Phone: 757-543-3526
Fax: 757-543-3526

Design and manufacture of railroad- maintenance equipment such as: switch and production tamping machines, dynamic track stabilizers, ballast regulators, ballast undercutting and cleaning machines, ballast hopper/conveyer cars, geometry cars, catenary maintenance and inspection vehicles, specialty machines; contracting services: ballast cleaning and undercutting, high-production tie renewal systems, track surfacing and stabilizing; and equipment and component overhaul/rebuild services for all types of Plasser machinery.

Directory category(s):Ballast cleaners, cleaning, Ballast regulators, repair, sweeper broom hose, wear parts, Catenary design, construction, maintenance, Tampers, accessories, parts, tamping, Track construction, accessories, maintenance measuring devices, pads, renewal, stabilizers, tools, vacuums, Track geometry cars, Track surfacing, Track vacuums, Undercutters and equipment, Welders