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Orgo-Thermit, Inc.

GeorgeAnne Tutunjian

3500 Colonial Drive North
Manchester, NJ 08759
United States

Phone: 732-657-5781
Fax: 732-657-1047

Orgo-Thermit, Inc. is an American based manufacturer and supplier of all the Thermit rail welding consumable materials for the joining of steel railroad rail. We are very proud to be the only United States manufacturer of these materials. Production includes consumable materials for a comprehensive range of T-rail and crane rail profiles, including various welding processes for standard, head hardened and high strength rail applications. We produce for our 1" gap weld, 1.5" gap weld, 2.75" wide gap and our Full Head Repair weld. Courses offered are Defect Analysis and Failure Mode and our comprehensive welder training / certification program. We have our professional rail grinding and maintenance service division for grinding of new rails removing mill scale, corrugation removal, re-profiling and removal of rail defects. Corporate headquarters, manufacturing facility, welding and analytical laboratories are located in Manchester, NJ.

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