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Nisus Corporation

Jim Gorman

100 Nisus Drive
Rockford, TN 37853
United States

Phone: 865-577-6119
Fax: 865-577-5825

Nisus manufactures Green non- restricted use wood preservatives for the railroad industry: QNAPĀ® Copper Naphthenate (CuN) is an oil- borne preservative with proven performance and a superior environmental profile. CuN can be used as an end-cut or field-cut treatment for crossties, switch ties, poles, lumber and bridge ties & timbers. CuN has clean handling characteristics with minimal drippage or bleeding and is standardized by AWPA and AREMA for crossties, switch ties and bridge timbers. CuN will not cause contact skin burns and does not require special equipment or licensing for application. CellutreatĀ® Liquid Borate DOT is a wood preservative that can be used in pressure or dip treatments. It is standardized by AWPA and AREMA for dual treatment of crossties and bridge timbers. Unseasoned green ties are treated with DOT to prevent decay during seasoning, then over-treated with creosote or Copper Naphthenate.

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