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Lewis Bolt & Nut Company

Dave Barry

700 Twelve Oak Center Drive
Suite 711
Wayzata, MN 55391
United States

Phone: 800-328-3480
Fax: 952-449-9607

Domestic manufacturer of high- quality railroad fasteners since 1927. For track, Lewis Bolt & Nut Company manufactures rail anchors, track, frog and switch bolts, the revolutionary new patented Evergrip™ and Permagrip™ screw spikes as well as numerous other screw spikes in varying styles and sizes. For bridge construction, Lewis makes both Sealtite dome and washer head timber bolts, Sealtite hook bolts, button or countersink drift pins, as well as hex or square bridge bolts. For construction or maintenance of grade crossings, Lewis manufactures all types of drive spikes as well as high- strength Lewis recessed head timber screws. Lewis Bolt & Nut Company has an extensive engineering and design department ready to work with you on any of your railroad fastener questions or problems.

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