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LAIRD Technologies - Wireless Automation and Control Solutions

James Kingerski

655 N River Road NW
Suite A
Warren, OH 44483-2254
United States

Phone: 724-962-3571
Fax: 724-962-8249

Cattron is a world leader in the design, production and service of portable radio remote-control systems, RF data links, and related products. These controls offer reliable, efficient control of industrial equipment by allowing operators to control the equipment from a safe distance. Cattron portable remote controls (PRCs) are used on a variety of industrial equipment including but not limited to: grain loaders, overhead cranes, monorails, hoists, locomotives (underground and yard switching), ballast car doors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), load-haul-dump (LHDs), bolters, scoops, and other mining equipment, military test equipment, amusement park rides and attractions, and much more.

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