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Koppers Inc.

Patrick Boario, P.E.

436 Seventh Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
United States

Phone: 412-227-2226
Fax: 412-227-2841

Koppers supplies the railroad industry with dual pressure- treated (Borate/Creosote petroleum solution) wood products including crossties, switch ties, crossing panels, bridge materials, line poles, track panels, and tie pre-plating. Koppers offers a complete line of rail joints: standard non- insulated Head-free Toeless and High-Relief; insulated joints- Polyurethane Encapsulated, Comply™ Epoxy Fiberglass, Short Angle Projection (SAP™), CENTER LINER® , Field Kits, Factory Bonded Plugs, Thermabond™ adhesive and insulator systems. Koppers also offers polyurethane Insulated Tie Plates and Gauge Plate Insulators, Comply Epoxy Fiberglass Gauge Plate & Switch Rod Insulators, and Weld-Mate joint bars.

Directory category(s):Crossties, Switch rods, insulation, Switch ties, Tie plates