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Knox Kershaw Inc.

George B. Pugh III

11211 Trackwork Street
Montgomery, AL 36117
United States

Phone: 334-387-5669
Fax: 334-387-4554

INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURERS OF BALLAST REGULATORS, snow fighters, brush cutters, tie and bridge cranes, kribber adzers, double brooms, yard cleaners, personnel and material transporters, tie inserters, switch undercutters and specialty equipment. Remanufacturers of ballast regulators, yard cleaners and other MOW equipment. Service and training offered for all ballast regulators and Kershaw equipment.

Directory category(s):Adzing, Adzer bits, Ballast regulators, repair, sweeper broom hose, wear parts, Construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, Cranes, accessories, parts, Equipment for general construction, lease, rental, sale, Equipment parts, new and reconditioned, Equipment repair services, Material handling machines, MoW equipment leasing, rebuilding, sales, Snow removal and plowing, Tie gangs, Tie inserters, removers, Undercutters and equipment, Vegetation management, Yard cleaning