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Hayward Baker Rail Services Division

Jeffrey Hill

1530 South Second Street
St. Louis, MO 63104
United States

Phone: 314-802-2920
Fax: 817-626-2749

Hayward Baker is North America’s leader in geotechnical construction. Hayward Baker’s Rail Services Division proves subgrade stabilization services to railroads, both class 1 and shortline railways. Slag- cement injection stabilizes underlying soils and de-waters ballast pockets to stop settlement in soft subgrades. Slag injection is a useful technique for reducing squeezes, mud pumping and loss of track geometry. Ground improvement techniques keep railway infrastructure on track. Compaction grouting stabilizes and reinforces soils, re-levels tracks, and stabilizes sinkholes. Injection systems treat expansive soils to control heave. Vibro systems and soil mixing mitigate liquefaction, reduce settlement and treat global stability problems for grade separation projects. Cement and jet grouting prevent subsidence from occurring during tunneling beneath railways. Earth retention systems remedy slope stability issues that th

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