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GENSCO America Inc.

Daivd Zelunka

5307 Dividend Drive
Decatur, GA 30035
United States

Phone: 800-268-6797
Fax: 770-808-8739

In operation since 1919, GENSCO offers a wide selection of products and services for the railway industry. For track operations and service work GENSCO offers our popular CANMAG scrap magnets (24 or 230 V) along with our DYNASET hydraulic power and control units. For material handling GENSCO offers a large selection of grabs and lifting devices for rail, ties and logs, plus numerous hydraulic lifting attachments and accessories. For re-railing GENSCO offers the world famous LUKAS hydraulic components and systems. For scrap processing a selection of rail breakers. Call us with your requirements or questions. Offices in Canada and the USA.

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Gensco Equipment, Inc.
53 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto, -- M4M 2R6

Phone: 416-465-7521

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