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A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.

Kellen Desmond

1505 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
United States

Phone: 800-453-8812
Fax: 801-453-8812

A&K is a leading supplier of new and used, light and heavy rail, crane rail, CWR, turnouts, derails, track panels, panelized turnouts, frogs and crossings, switch points, fasteners, bumping posts, car stops, gauge rods, guard rail, joint bars, rail anchors, switch stands, tie pads, tie plates, steel and wood ties, and miscellaneous accessory items and tools for use in any track application. We also have full-service track removal capabilities, a full- service welding plant, CWR rail trains and estimating and evaluating capabilities. Visit our website to see our full online catalog.

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