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Airtec International Ltd.

A. Kilpatrick

40 Couper Street
Glasgow, Strathclyde G4 0DL

Phone: 44-141-552-5591
Fax: 44-141-552-5064

Manufacturers of the original gas driven Impact Wrench. Over thirty years later, the Airtec Master 35 is still the best for reliability; operator comfort; low maintenance cost and low vibration. Weighs only 40lbs. Ideal for tightening/loosening all lag screws, joint bar nuts and frog bolts. Will loosen any screwed fastener previously tightened by a competitors Gas Wrench. Can be easily converted to a tie drilling machine by fitting quick release auger attachment and to our new trolley for lag screw and bridge work. Railroad quality impact sockets, machines, spares and accessories available from stock throughout North America.

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