Grassroots Program

REMSA's Grassroots Program

As an added member benefit, REMSA is proud to announce its Grassroots Program. The program seeks to connect REMSA member companies with Members of Congress to highlight the rail MoW industry and its importance to job creation, infrastructure, and economic development. The program will focus on Congressional visits to member facilities and worksites as well as expanding REMSA's industry and government contacts in Washington, D.C.


REMSA is excited to introduce Sean Winkler as REMSA's new Grassroots Coordinator. Sean previously worked on political campaigns in Maryland and for the Government Affairs department of a Fortune 400 Kansas-based company. Sean will be reaching out to many of you to gauge your interest in hosting a Member of Congress.  


If you are interested in hosting an event this year, please contact Sean at (202) 715-2917 or