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Ms. Kim Mack, Gettis

Brandt Road Rail
Communications Specialist
Hwy #1 East
P.O. Box 3856
Regina, -- S4P 3R8

Phone: 306-347-1422
Fax: 306-337-4049

Brandt Road Rail Corp. manufactures several pieces of material handling equipment for the rail Industry. The Brandt Power Unit is a versatile railcar mover capable of pulling 1,500 tons. The OTM Tracker System is the combination of a highly productive railcar topping material handler (ties, plates, rail, ballast) and a Brandt Power Unit. We also manufacture the Brandt Rail Tool which is the most powerfull most versitile high railed excavator on the market

Directory category(s):Rail car movers, couplers, unloading equipment