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Mr. Philip Roseberry

Cranemasters, Inc.
Director of Business Development
8020 Whitepine Raod
North Chesterfield, VA 23237

Phone: 800-624-0543
Fax: 804-236-4971

Cranemasters specializes in Emergency Derailment Services, Track Construction & Maintenance, Mainline Switch Installations, Retarder Installations, Bridge Span Replacement, Railcar Maintenance and Repair, Load Adjustment & Transfer, Railcar Relocation, and Heavy Equipment Recovery

Directory category(s):Crossings, asphalt, concrete, highway, LRT, panelized, pedestrian, rubber, steel, track systems, wood, Freight car repair, Hi-rail vehicles and services, Rail car movers, couplers, unloading equipment, Rerailers, rerailing, Rigging, Scrap buyers, Tie inserters, removers, Track inspection services, Track repair, cleanup, emergency